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Monument of victims of flood in village of Kyzylagash.

Monuments of the Almaty region.

“The sultry wind in my soul blows again,
It’s so hot in the desert - it’s so hard to breathe!
The land is dry without life-giving tear
No rain, no water, no laid thunderstorms.
I sow in dry soil I vain grain
Will it grow in the desert without moisture?
Stony soil and a lot of sand"

Elena Mizyun.

Historical places of Almaty region.

The memorial complex for flood victims is located in the village of Kyzylagash, Aksu district of Almaty region. Installed in August 2010. Architect: Baulykov K. The complex is dedicated to flood victims in the village of Kyzylagash.
A granite tree is installed in the center of the memorial’s composition, which is held by a woman saving her child. Symbolically, the flood is shown in the form of waves, in the middle of which - a mother protecting her child clings to a tree.
Nearby is a plaque on which are written the names of 45 dead villagers. On the night of March 11-12, 2010, above the village on the Kyzylagash River, a dam broke out, killing 45 people. At the time of the tragedy, 2 643 people lived in Kyzylagash.
The village of Kyzylagash as a result of a breakthrough of the dam was destroyed by 70%.

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Photos by
Alexander Petrov.