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Mosque-madrasah Olim Dodho

Monuments of architecture Penjikent.

This magnificent monument of architecture of XIX century, is located in east hour of territory of the modern city of Penjikent. He represents the rectangular construction extended from the south on the north. The size of a monument is equal 22,60 х 18.
He consists of the central hall of a mosque which size is equal 11,20 х 10, 35. The Front entrance in width 1,50 in a hall of a mosque is located in the middle of the western wall. The input was closed by a massive and strong door which is covered by a medieval groove.
Wide (1,40 sm) mihrab, located on east wall, it is decorated by a lancet arch which is decorated by a groove on clay. The high dome adheres four angular arches. Light in a premise of a mosque gets through three window doors (daricha) on which are established clays figured lattices (pandzhara).
On three walls eight small niches for books are located. The main hall of a mosque from the south, the east and the north is surrounded by roundabout galleries in width of 3,43 meters. Southern and northern party of gallery have on three arches of flight which it is far differents.
The most minimal width of arch flight is equal 3,45, and maximal - 4,20 sm. The Majestic kind of main east facade. It is the party - madrasah has five arches from which an entrance arch the smallest, width of flight only 2,30 see, other arches have the sizes 3,40 and 3,45.
Presence of four mihrab, three galleries located on the western walls speak that they were prayful, it is obvious on Fridays, to days in which moslems make mass prays (Namozi juma).
Mosque-madrasah Olim Dodho is a remarkable architectural monument of the late time, executed in medieval classical style. According to the poet of the middle of XIX century, Khamuli, the monument has been constructed in the beginning of XIX century, in 1824 - 1826.
Restoration twice, in the beginning in 1958, then in 1981 - 1982. It is necessary to note, that mosque-madrasah Olim Dodho is not investigated yet by experts-architects.

Mosque-madrasah Olim Dodho.Mosque-madrasah Olim Dodho.Mosque-madrasah Olim Dodho.Mosque-madrasah Olim Dodho.Mosque-madrasah Olim Dodho.

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 Alexander Petrov.