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Mount Zhake batyr.

Highest peaks of Kokshetau mountains.

“A valley, a little still water and a ray of sunset are the simplest things, the most ordinary, the most expensive.”

                                     Ruskin D.

Hiking in Kokshetau mountains.

Mount Zhake Batyr is located in the central part of the Kokshetau mountains, 2.6 kilometers from the northwestern shore of Lake Shchuchye and 3.7 kilometers from the southern shore of Lake Maloye Chebachye, 4.5 kilometers southwest of Mount Camel (Burabay ) with a height of 690 meters above sea level, on the territory of the natural park Borovoe in the Burabay district of the Akmola region.
The height of the peak is 826 meters above sea level. Mount Zheke Batyr is the second highest mountain on the Koshetau Upland after Mount Sinyukha, 947 meters above sea level. The slopes of the mountain are covered with pine forest.
The mountain is called the "sleeping warrior" because of the similarity of the outlines of the peak with the profile of a warrior in a helmet taking a nap at the post, protecting the country from invasions. According to another legend, this is a batyr, a lonely warrior who is used to fighting alone.
When there were too many enemies, he realized that he could not cope alone. In order not to miss the opponents, the warrior lay down between the rocks and froze in the pose of a sleeping knight, thereby protecting his settlement from enemies.
Geographical coordinates of Mount Zhake Batyr: N53°01'15.21" E70°08'50.21"

Mount Zheke batyr against the backdrop of Lake Shuchie.

Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.