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Rock Okzhetpes.

Walk in the Park Borovoye.

“You can see the lake and the forest from here,
And near and far limits,
And the proud peak of Okzhepes,
Where the batyr flew arrows..."

Saken Seyfullin. Kokshetau, Ok-Jetpes, Burabay, Zhumbak-Tas. 1925 - 1928 Translation by G. Serebryakov.

A trip from Nur-Sultan to Astrakhan.

Okzhetpes rock is located in the north-eastern part of Lake Borovoe, in the eastern part of the Kokentau Mountains. The Okzhetpes rock is located in the Burabay district, on the territory of the Borovoye national natural park in the Akmola region.
The majestic rock Okzhetpes (translated into Russian - the arrow will not reach). Its height does not exceed three hundred meters above sea level. She adorned the shore of Lake Auliekol (Borovoy). According to testimonies, more than sixteen legends and legends were composed about this rock.
When writing his widely known poem "Kokshetau", the poet, statesman Saken Seifullin turned to these life-giving sources of folk art and gave them a special meaning, a special sound. The great poet of the Kazakh people, masterfully mastering the word, was able to accurately, skillfully convey the essence of Okzhetpes legend and she, voiced by him in a new way, became a symbol of love and fidelity, female honor and dignity.


Alexander Petrov.