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Mount Zhaushoky.

Mountains in Buiratau park.

“At the very top, pine trees also grow,
Their roots are strong - no way
will not let the trees fall down.
Inaccessible mountain -
Some hawks build their nests there.”

  Saken Seifullin. Poem "Kokshetau".

Walks in mountains of Buyratau park.

Mount Zhaushoky (translated from Kazakh - Karaulnaya Sopka), 465 meters above sea level, is located at the southernmost tip of the mountain range of the Sokolinye Gory valley, 5.8 kilometers west of the village of Balykty, 22.6 kilometers southeast of the village of Akmyrza, 16.5 kilometers southwest of the village of Turgai in the Yereymentau district in the east of the Akmola region.
Mount Zhaushoky is the highest elevation in the Sokolinye Gory valley; it dominates the southern part of the massif. The Sokolinye valley is a picturesque group of granite, intricately weathered hills, covered with pine forests, having a small height, which does not exceed 500 meters above sea level.
This is a smoothed mountainous relief, which characterizes the Kazakh uplands. The northern part of the mountain range has numerous granite remnants, which occupy an area of 4.4 square kilometers. Some remnants reach a height of 6 meters.
Among the hills, low ridges and ridges of the Sokolinye Gory valley, there are raised peaks that stand out sharply against the background of the surrounding area. The southern part of the hilly massif ends with a picturesque mountain, which has a poetic name - Zhaushoky.
3.5 kilometers northwest of Mount Zhaushoky is the Ortashoky granite massif, 450 meters above sea level. The guard hill in the southern part of the mountain range is the highest and from its top it was good for the nomads to observe the hilly area, this justifies its name.
The area of the Zhaushoky massif reaches 92452 square meters, the perimeter is 1154 meters. At the top of the hill there are feather granite forms of rocky relief, characterized by exotic weathering of rocks. One of them is the most popular attraction, which is often used for memorable photo shoots while staying in the Buiratau park.
Geographical coordinates of Mount Zhaushoky: N51°37'41.98" E72°38'33.62"

Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.