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Mukhammad Maram a Minaret.

 Excursion tour over Khiva.

"The advent of culture coincides with the birth of the intellect"

Claude Levi-Strauss.

Connected travel experience in Khiva and Uzbekistan.

Minaret Mukhammad Maram of construction of 1903, is located on a crossroads of streets of K.Baltaeva and hemps Khalfa, has been constructed as a uniform complex with madrasah and mosque Mukhammad Maram.
The minaret is at a southeast corner madrasah. The minaret is decorated by a thin decorative belt from violet and white coating tiles. Copper «Kubba” has remained untouched in the top part of a minaret.
The sizes a minaret height - 19 meters, diameter of the basis - 4.2 meters.

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