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Old Beineu mosque.

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“I shed the dawn: and, becoming nothing, I saw the Face.
  The blow of the mullah told me: "Quiet" - and I looked, without taking my eyes,
  My brain was petrified, I, having lost myself, stood.
  Ignorant, the point is this, so I was told, and I found out.
  Then, in the desert steppe, I ate the herb, while wandering.
  He gave me power, and I saddled Satan,
  And he loaded him, and squeezed his lower back, and crushed him completely"

Hikmets of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi.

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The underground mosque Old Beineu, located 13.6 kilometers southeast of the salt marsh Dead Kultuk, 22.7 kilometers west and slightly south of the Sangyrlau village, 16.3 kilometers south-west of the regional center of the Beineu village, 2 , 3 kilometers southwest of the Aktau-Beineu highway in the Beineu district in the east of the Mangistau region.
The entrance to the Old Beyneu Mosque is symbolized by a beautiful brick arch and a kilometer-long avenue of trees, which leads to the vast complex of ancient burials - Old Beineu. There is a well at the entrance to the mosque, oriented to the southwest.
The main room of the mosque is round in plan (diameter is about 4.5 m). The ceiling is shaped like a flat dome. In general, the interior imitates a Kazakh yurt. Judging by the presence of a mihrab niche on the southwest wall, this is a prayer hall.
On the west side, a semicircular room adjoins it, in which, behind the corner pylons, the floor level is raised like a sufa. Obviously, this room was intended for the rest of the pilgrims. On the north side, the hall is connected by a wide passage to the third room, which is not inferior to it in size.
The purpose of this room is not entirely clear. It could be either an additional area for a prayer room or a storage room. The narrow doorway of this room connects it with another - the fourth, adjacent to it on the east side.
The walls of all rooms of the mosque are smoothly hewn and have no traces of decoration, with the exception of shallow niches for lamps. In 2004, with the support of the regional akimat, restoration work was carried out. In the course of the work, doors were installed, the destroyed parts of the roof were cemented, and a path leading to the mosque was also landscaped with pedestrian sidewalks. A hotel house for pilgrims was rebuilt, trees were planted.
The underground mosque Beket ata (Old Beyneu) in 1982 by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR was taken on state registration and protection of republican significance. 
Geographic coordinates of the underground mosque Old Beyneu: N45 ° 11'04.32 "E55 ° 06'32.20"

The Underground mosque Old Beineu.The Underground mosque Old Beineu.The Underground mosque Old Beineu.The Underground mosque Old Beineu.The Underground mosque Old Beineu.The Room in a underground mosque Old Beineu.

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