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Plateau Bozoy. Kazakhstan.

Educational tourism in Kazakhstan.

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Culinary tourism in Kazakhstan.

The plateau Bozoy is located from South side of the desert Taukum, to Entre Rios to Ashchisy and Kurty. Average height is 400 - 500 meters above sea level. It is extended from the northwest on the southeast on 45 - 50 kilometers.
The highest point - the mountain Kazybek of 785 meters above sea level. The plateau is formed by breeds of eras of the top carbon fabrics and the lower Perm. Climate - continental, the average temperature of January - (– 10 °C), July - (+ 25 °C), an average annual amount of precipitation of 250 - 300 ml.
In the period of rains from slopes of the mountain Kazybek small rivers, in the summer drying up originate.
The plateau is almost not occupied and is used as a pasture for a pasture of farm animals.

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Alexander Petrov.