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Red wolves of Charyn.

Visit to Charyn canyon.

"Silence creates legends"

Peter Grant.

Legend of Charyn Canyon.

Valley of Castles is located in the northeastern tip of the Toraigyr Mountains, located at an altitude of 1112 to 910.9 meters above sea level, located on the left bank of the Charyn River, on the territory of the Charyn Natural Park, in the Uygur district of the Almaty region.
Charyn Canyon. Wild beauty of nature. It used to be believed that this is the gate to hell, that witches rule here, driving late tourists into the abyss. At night by the fire, when the wind makes mystical and terrifying sounds, it is not difficult to believe in such fairy tales.
People rarely settled here, so there are very few traces of civilization in Charyn. And if you go down to the bottom of the canyon, you can see a lot of animal bones. There are places where the feet are directly buried in them.
Scientists have long puzzled over this phenomenon. It was said that old animals come to the canyon to die. But the main reason is that in the old days, packs of vicious and cunning red wolves raged here. This is a very rare species of animals, today almost extinct.
Despite their small size, red wolves are superior to their counterparts in ferocity, cunning and intelligence. Any red wolf, once in a pack of ordinary ones, soon takes a leading position and becomes the leader. On the Charyn they hunted in roundups.
Enveloping the herds of marals, saigas and wild horses in a semicircle, the wolves drove them to the abyss. When the crazed animals fell down, the red wolves descended to the bottom of the canyon and arranged grandiose bloody feasts there.
Geographical coordinates of Valley of Castles in Toraygyr mountains: N43°21'11.47" E79°04'00.41"

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