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Ridge of Academy Nauk.

Walking tour in Tajikistan.

“A vast plateau spread before the travelers - syrt, along which there were scattered small semi-frozen lakes located between relatively low mountains, but covered with eternal snow on the peaks, and on the slopes with luxurious greenery of alpine meadows”

P.P. Semenov-Tian-Shansky.

Climbing tour in mountains Tajikistan.

The ridge of the Academy Nauk is located in the Mountain-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan. The name the range was assigned in 1927 at the suggestion of N.L. Korzhenevskiy ("the backbone of the Academy") in connection with the 200th anniversary (1725 - 1925) of the formation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The northern part of the ridge separates the basins of the two glacial systems Fedchenko and Fortambek. The ridge of the Academy of Sciences is a powerful barrier stretching from the valley of the Muksu River in the north to the Yazgulem Range in the south. Its average height is 5760 meters above sea level, the highest point is
peak of Communism - 7495 meters above sea level. The western slopes of the ridge are adjacent to the ranges of Peter I, Darvaz, Vanch and Yazgulem. The wide valleys of the Obihingou, Vancha and Yazgulem rivers are cut almost to the crest of the Academy Nauk ridge, and moist western and southwestern air flows freely upstream and through the saddle pass to the eastern slope of the Academy Nauk ridge, where the annual rainfall reaches 1000 - 1500 mm. 
The large accumulation of snow (from 100 to 200 grams per centimeter square per year), the considerable height of the mountains and their deep dissection create favorable conditions for the existence of a large glaciation site here.
The eastern slope of the ridge of the Academy Nauk in its the southern part is so buried with snow and ice that "the spurs of a ridge sunken in the sea of ​​ice here represent, as it were, an archipelago of islands made up of small chains and separate rocks rising 300 to 500 metro above the ice surface" (Korzhenevskiy, 1948. P. 79).
The immediately limiting part of the Fortambek glacier system includes the following peaks: in the axial part - Communism, Izvestiya, Klara Zetkin, Voroshilova. In the northern spur of the ridge of the Academy of Sciences, departing from the Voroshilov peak - peaks of the Four, Evgenia Korzhenevskaya and a number of others, whose height reaches 5000 meters above sea level and more, located north of the peak of Evgenia Korzhenevskaya.
On this site there are two sports passes - Four, between the peaks of Four and Voroshilov, and Evgenia Korzhenevskaya, between the peaks of Evgenia Korzhenevskaya and 5367, as well as the Lyamkur pass, through the northern tip of the spur, where there is an old path leading along the banks of the Muksu River.

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Alexander Petrov.