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Sasyk-Kul Lake in Pamirs.

A trip to Sasyk-Kul Lake in Alichur Valley.

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A trip from Murghab to Sasyk-Kul Lake.

Sasyk-Kul (Taj. Sasyugul) - a closed lake with bitter-salt water is located in the basin of the Alichur River, in the western part of the Alichur Valley in the Murghab region of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan.
Located at an altitude of 3820 meters above sea level. The Tamdy River flows into the lake. The lake is located in a latitudinal intermountain basin formed by ridges, in the north - the North-Alichursky ridges and in the south - the South-Alichursky ridges.
On the south side of the lake, in the immediate vicinity of the lake, passes the Pamir tract. The lake is 4206 meters long, 2044 meters wide, and the coastline is 12 kilometers long. The shores of the lake are mostly low-lying, boggy.
At 21 km from the lake Sasyk-Kul, in the north-west, is the lake Yashilkul. On the eastern shore, small elevations of accumulated algae caused by the surf formed. Beyond the elevations, since the soil is brackish, a plain stretches with rare solyanka plants.
The abundance of food in the form of small crustaceans attracts mainly red ducks. Sasyk-Kul is the only highly mineralized lake in Tajikistan with the azonal composition of the water of the sodium formation. The salinity of the lake in different seasons is from 70 to 100 g / kg.

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