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Rangkul lake.

 Tours on lakes of Pamir in Tajikistan.

“Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Private Tour in Tajikistan.

The lake Rangkul, is in Is Mountain-Badakshan autonomous region of Tajikistan, in southern spurs Sarykol of a ridge. Length of lake of 2 kilometers of 772 meters, width of lake almost 2 kilometers. By lake there passes a highway to settlement Rangkul.
The lake Rangkul is at height of 3 764 meters above sea level in the most east remote part of Tajikistan, in extensive to a hollow. The lake Rangkul incorporates to lake Rangkul, narrow 11 kilometer cana Uzykdarya.
From the city of Murghab the lake is in 50 kilometers and in 22 kilometers from settlement Rangkul which is located in the east from lake. Length of lake of 455 meters of 4 kilometers, width of 50 meters of 2 kilometers.
The area of lake Rangkul makes 7,8 kilometers square, the greatest depth - 2,5 meters. Water in lakes fresh, on a surface of lake it is possible to see in current of day turquoise-blue and blue-violet colors.
The greatest depth of lake - 2,5 meters. A dining fills up lake due to thawed snow and glacial waters. Water gets warm poorly. In vicinities of lake are Saks buraial mounds. In a southern part of lake there is an island Aralbashi.
On islands of lake there live colonies of wild geese. Near lake there is a settlement and road on the city of Murghab. In mountains to the south from lake the cave of Travellers (other name - cave Matatash), in which on a legend cover up Alexander the Great treasure or the Venetian merchants travelled in China on the Silk Way is located.

Lake Rangkul. Lake Rangkul. Lake Rangkul. Around lake Rangkul. Lake Rangkul. Lake Rangkul.

The Nature It is Mountain-Badakshan province Tajikistan. 2010.

Alexander Petrov.