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Saukym mausoleum.

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“The insane hordes of Mongols appeared as if from nowhere, swept like a tornado across China and Eurasia, reached Budapest - and suddenly turned back, so that some time later they would again sink into obscurity.”

V.G. Jan.

Ancient mausoleums of Ulytau.

The Saukym Mausoleum is located on the ancient necropolis of Erden on the right (southern) bank of the drying up channel of the Karaganda River, 33 kilometers east and slightly south of the Ulytau village and 20.3 kilometers northeast of the Ayrtau village and 3.1 kilometers north and slightly west of Mount Akshoky, 605 meters above sea level in the Ulytau district of the Ulytau region.
The dimensions of the Saukym mausoleum are 6.30 x 6.70 meters. It is faced with red bricks from the outside and from the inside, the middle is filled with adobe bricks. The thickness of the walls: the portal - 1.25 meters, the rest - 80 cm.
The single-chamber portal-chamber structure at the time of restoration was in disrepair, part and the side wall of the dome of the mausoleum with a height of 1.5 meters from the inside were preserved. The preserved part of the dome had cracks in the corners on the inside.
The outer facing masonry of two corners of the walls of the mausoleum collapsed.
Geographic coordinates of the Saukym mausoleum: N48 ° 36'47.84 "E67 ° 26'45.49"

Authority and photos:
Alexander Petrov,