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Sheikh Mavlon Bobo mausoleum.

 Excursion trips on monuments of the Khorezm province.

“Monuments are put to all that is least memorable.”

Robert Lewis Stevenson.

Legends and traditions of Khorezm.

The mausoleum Sheikh Mavlon Bobo is constructed in XIX century, Sheikh Mavlon Bobo in collective farm Agahi of Khivan area of the Khorezm province is located in territory of a cemetery.
In XIX century the minaret, a mosque and madrasah have been erected in territory of a cemetery under the order Alla-Kuli-khan.
Near to the mausoleum Sheikh Mavlon Bobo, is buried Munis - the historian and the translator who served as the secretary in Khivan khanate. Its nephew Agahi is here too buried.

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