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Sherabad town.

Architectural monuments of Termez.

“History is a treasure trove of our deeds, a witness to the past, an example and a lesson for the present, a warning for the future”


Termez-guide book.

There is an amazing town Sherabad in the South region of Uzbekistan with 25 thousand of population according to census of 2004. The city is situated on the river bank of Sherabad and located 60 km from Termiz in the region of Surkhandaryo which is considered the cradle of our ancestors and keeps many secrets on itself.
Every year Sherabad takes an attention of the archeologists from all over the world. The last twenty years in the region carried out archaeological excavations, opening inhabitants and originating country guest’s life of the ancient civilizations in the territory.
The Land of the Sherabad involves a significant history of the Central Asia from the Bronze Age (3,000 – at the beginning of 1,000 BC).  Three local centers of the Bronze Age were identified in the South of Uzbekistan and all of them were found in the bank river of Sherabad. 
Sayev Bandikhan and Kizilsu are the local centers of the Bronze Age presented the settlement of the ancient cities Djarkutan and Sapallitepa that history gave its origins ancient Bactria.
As well as, carried research which was took place from 1931 – to 1948 years in the highlands of Surkhandaryo region which was a case of discovering cave by archaeologists where they found the remains of the ancient people.  In the cave the remains of 8 years old boy and the adult skeleton of Neanderthal were found by archaeologists in 1938.
The remains of the ancient people related to the Middle Paleolithic era (150 000 - 30 000 years ago).  This suggested that the history of the ancient people residence in the South land of Uzbekistan refers to deep history of the past.
Moreover, approximately 3,000 stone tools and a huge amount of animal bones - the mountain goat, deer, wild horse, leopard, rabbits, as well as birds were found in the highlands. Sherabad city is very  rich with its historical attractions and here is located famous Mazar of IXth century of Muslim theologian and the author of the several books on various features of the Muslim faith and the collector of hadith Sunan at- Termizi – Abu Iso Muhammad at – Termizi. 
The south of Uzbekistan is very rich with its archaeological and historical monuments and the history of the past that covers an incredible huge piece of the history of Uzbekistan.