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Sights nature of Semirechye.

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Semirechie (from kazakh lang. – Zhetysu, zhety-7, su-water) includes the territory of the south-eastern Kazakhstan, which is between Balkhash Lake in the north, Sasykkol and Alakol Lakes in the north-east, Dzhungar Alatau range in the south-east and the Northern Tien-Shan ranges in the south.
The name “Semirechie” is occured from the main 7 rivers: Ili, Karatal, Tentek, Aksu, Koksu, Lepsy, Chu. Talgar highway. In 1858 the settlers from the western Siberia founded stanitsa Sophiskaya (nowadays Talgar town) and Nadezhdinskaya (nowadays Issyk) at the way out from the mountain gorges of Zaili Alatau.
This Talgar highway was founded to connect with Vernyi. The land of seven rivers (Semirechye) is а vast region in the South-East of Kazakhstan. This strikingly picturesque land begins at the banks of the lake Balkhash in the North and reaches the borders of everlasting snows of the Tien-Shan mountains in the South.
The nature of Semirechye is extraordinarily rich and diverse. Numerous small rivers which begin high in the mountains flow through semideserts and deserts creating in the flood-lands unique brushwood’s of flood-land forests.
Noisy colonies of pelicans and cormorants settle in these forests, swans and geese, ducks and snipes, ibises and gulls build here their nests. Оп the banks of lakes, in the reeds, one can meet cautions wild boars and shy roes.
Peculiar аге the deserts to the south of Balkhash. Spring freshness, luxuriant growth of grasses and colourful flowering of annual herbaceous plants give rapidly plасе to ехhausting summer heat and faded grass. It seems that life itself comes here to а standstill at day hours, therefore many animals prefer to be active in summer at night.
In the desert mountains of Chulaktau grow unique in their rarity plants - relics of the ice-age. Among rocks build their nests rare birds of prey - golden eagles, bearded vultures, snow griffons; one can meet here mountain rams - teks and arkhars.
On the plain at the banks of the storage lake Kapchagai graze herds of dzheirans and kulans which have not long ago been on the verge of extinction but were restored and preserved by man. An extraordinary impression produce the canyons of the river Charyn; its sheer rocks and precipices remind of lunar landscapes.
Among flood-land sandy deposits grows an unique ashen grove which is of great scientific value; it gladdens the eye, gives freshness and shelter to tired travellers. Unique аге the mountain chains of Transili and Dzhungarskiy Alatau.
The foothills аге characterized by steppe vegetation; then leaf-bearing forests change into coniferous ones which give place to Alpine meadows; among glaciers and snow-covered peaks reigns everlasting quiet. In coniferous and mixed forests occur wild-boars, bears and roes, оп mountain slopes graze marals and mountain rams.
High in the mountains one can meet the snow leopard; here builds its nests one of the rarest birds of the family Charadriidae; in the rivers of Dzhungarskiy occurs а quite unusual being belonging to amphibia of the family Ranodon, on endemic of Semirechye.
The endless diversity of plants and animals of the land of seven rivers, its striking landscapes have long since attracted man's attention.

Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.Sights nature of Semirechye.

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Alexander Petrov.