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Spring Onere.

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"Travels reveal not so much our curiosity about what we are going to watch, as the weariness of leaving."

Alphonse Carr.

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The Onere salt spring is located in the south-west of the Karynzharyk depression, 7.1 kilometers from the eastern part of the Karynzharyk sands, on the territory of the Ustyurt natural reserve, 745 meters to the east and slightly south of the Onere cordon in the Karakiyansky district in the southeast of Mangistau region.
The Onere spring, the largest water source on the territory of the Ustyurt reserve, more precisely an artesian well, which was drilled by geologists who conducted surveys of the Kendirlisor salt marsh. The well has a high flow rate; in the delta, the stream forms three small lakes suitable for swimming in the hot season.
From the well, for 5.4 kilometers, the stream flows in one channel, then splits into a delta and is lost in the southwestern part of the Kendirlisor salt marsh. The total length of the stream is 8 kilometers. The delta is 1.6 kilometers wide.
Dense thickets of reeds, tamariks, kermek, sarsazan, salty soils grow along the stream bed and in the vicinity of the delta. Animals come to the watering hole: a fox, a wolf, a gazelle, which is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan and the IUCN lists - a honey badger.
Geographic coordinates of the Onere spring: N42 ° 36'19.79 "E54 ° 09'06.83"

Authority and photos
Alexander Petrov.