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Tasaral Island on Imantau Lake.

Kokshetau Natural Park Tours.

“Perfumes are the feelings of flowers” 

Heinrich Heine.

Sights Kokshetau Natural Park.

Tasaral Island is located on Lake Imantau in the Aiyrtau district of the North Kazakhstan Region in the territory of Kokshetau Natural National Park.
The island is a part of the Imantau recreation zone, which is a natural oasis near Kokshetau: a mountain-forest massif, clean water bodies with Lake Imantau, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the region. Imantau is a natural monument of republican significance.
The aerial view of the island has the shape of a heart. The length of the island is 888 meters, the largest width is 517 meters, the area of Tasaral Island is 36 hectares. The island is covered with a rare for these places shrub juniper Cossack, which grows on the coast of the island and gives it a unique look.
Common pine, warty birch, cherry, raspberry grows on the island. Live ground cover is represented by strawberries, strawberries, various medicinal plants. From the animal world there are reptiles such as viper, lizard.

Advertising brochure of Kokshetau park. 2002.