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Town of Lisakovsk.

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“This city is crowded for that,
So that we walk, mingling with the crowd,
So that I don't think about a miracle -
See you for a moment"

Oleg Dmitriev. "This city".

Excursions in cities of Kostanay region.

Lisakovsk, an unusually pretty town, nestled near the Tobol River. In the western part, 12 kilometers along the river from the town, there is the Verkhnetobolsk (Zhogargy Tobol) reservoir. The reservoir is 26 kilometers long, with a maximum width of 5 kilometers.
The town is good in winter and summer, its shady streets provide 18 square meters of greenery for every inhabitant of Lisakovsk. Lisakovsk owes its birth to the discovery in 1947 of the largest deposit of brown iron oolite ores and the construction of a mining and processing plant.
But life here was in full swing much earlier. The settlements of ancient people on the site of today's Lisakovsk date back to 2000 BC. Antiquities are presented in the form of settlements and necropolises - Mecca for archaeologists, a lot of work.
Excavations of the Andronovo culture have been going on for over two decades. The crisis state of the economy of the 90s of the last century aggravated the problems of small towns created on the basis of mining enterprises.
Over Lisakovsk, tied to one town-forming enterprise, after the fall in demand for ore, consumers of iron ore concentrate are threatened with becoming a kind of specter of the former prosperity. The peoples from Lisakovsk managed not only to stay afloat, but also to preserve everything that was, but also to increase the city's accumulated over the previous decades.
Optimism and confidence in the future settled in their souls in August 1996, when the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Lisakovsk Special Economic Zone” was signed. For six years the town lived and worked in a special economic zone.
For six years, he outlived his mono-industrial profile, introducing modern methods of management and management, creating new industries with the participation of foreign capital, producing competitive products, solving social problems, developing self-government, earning authority and recognition.
Today Lisakovsk is a modern industrial, ecologically clean, developing city. More than 40 thousand people of many nationalities live in it. There are 289 enterprises, including 69 state and 220 private. They manufacture over 500 items of competitive products.
The leading city-forming enterprises were CJSC Arai-Holding, the branch of JSC Aluminum Kazakhstan, Krasnooktyabrskoe bauxite ore management, LLP Orken. There are two houses of culture, four libraries and one museum in the town.
The number of exhibits in the Lisakovsk Museum of History and Culture of the Upper Pre-Tobol region is more than 8000 items. Lisakovites are well aware of the works of their fellow countrymen - the prose writer Vasily Koshelev, the author of the first documentary book about the city, the poets Ilya Vasiliev, Mor Esmukhambetov, Vasily Lankin, etc.
The town on Tobol is rich in talents in the art of ballroom dancing.

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