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Tobol river in Kazakhstan.

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“A companion in the summer,
Spring is angry
Flowing through time
Gray-haired Tobol»

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The Tobol River in Kazakhstan flows through the territory of the Kostanay region. The length of the Tobol River is 1591 kilometers, Tobol flows into the Irtysh, then the waters of these rivers flow into the Ob, then all together flow into the icy Kara Sea.
The water circulation basin of Tobol and its tributaries belongs to the Kostanay region and several regions of the Russian Federation at once. The source of Tobol is in the Orenburg region. From the west, the influx of Dzhelkuar flows into it, formed by the confluence of two rivers - Santashta and Bersuat, which originate in the Chelyabinsk region.
Then the rivers Ayat and Uy flow into Tobol. Their upper reaches are in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, and the lower reaches belong to Kazakhstan. A part of the border between the two states passes along the rivers Uy, Toguzak and Tobol.
After 450 kilometers, Tobol again becomes a Russian river and flows through the territory of the Kurgan and Tyumen regions. The middle and lower reaches of the river are within the West Siberian Plain in a wide valley with a winding channel.
In the Tobol basin - about 20 thousand lakes with a total area of ​​9 thousand km2 In the upper reaches the river freezes in November, in the lower reaches - at the end of October - beginning of November. It is opened from ice usually in the second half of April - early May.
The food is mostly snowy. The flood is stretched (in the lower reaches - until the beginning of August). In rare warm winters there are winter floods. Average water consumption is 805 meters cubic per second. Tobol is navigable 437 km from the mouth.
The river flow is regulated by a number of reservoirs. The rafting of the forest is carried out. Cities on Tobol Lisakovsk, Ore, Kostanay, Yalutorovsk, Kurgan, Tobolsk.

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Alexander Petrov.