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Trip to mountains of Yereymentau.

Wildlife Tours in mountains of Yereymentau.

“Not all those who wander are lost”

J.R.R. Tolkien.

Flower Tours in Akmola region.

100 kilometers from Karaganda, on the Karaganda-Astana railway, there is a station and the regional center of Osakarovka. From here begins the road to the mountains of Ermentau. These places were settled by immigrants from the central provinces of Russia in the late XIX - early XX centuries.
In the 30s, many settlements arose here and the fertile lands of the region began to be developed. Especially intensively increased the area of ​​cultivated fields with the development of virgin lands. The main part of the route by car passes through the watershed between the basin of the Arctic Ocean and the inland drainage region of Central Kazakhstan.
The first stage of the journey - to the village of Litvinsk passes through the Ishim valley in its upper reaches. The river here is low-water places are beautiful. From the village of Litvinsky to the village of Beloyarki, a plain extends with large villages located 15 to 20 kilometers from each other.
Between them are good dirt roads. Behind the village of Beloyarka, the most picturesque part of the route is mountain forest landscapes with cliffs towering up to 900 meters high among the forest. Rocks surround a forest of birch and pine with a small forest of shrubs.
In sunny glades, an abundance of field strawberries. In these places, the villages are small and rare. There are separately located farms. The roads are confused, many roads that are paved temporarily, many paths. At the village of Ortakshil we stop for a rest for one day.
The next transfer is to Akdym farm. From the farm, the path passes again through the territory of the Osakarovsky district of the Karaganda region. It is recommended to go from the western side of the hills called Berkut, Skalnaya, Fountain.
Here are comfortable places to sleep. Then we drive along the Karabulak stream, flowing among the forest thickets to the north. Wetlands are found. But then the forest ends, and the route again goes to the plain. Behind the village of Ortabay, the Astana-Pavlodar railway is already close.
In the town of Ermentau, the route ends. The total length of the trip is 180 kilometers, of which 60 kilometers are in the forest zone of the Ermentau Mountains. In winter, snow cover in these places is established from the first days of December and lies until the end of March.


Alexander Petrov.