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Lake Merzbacher.

 Tours in nature Central Tien-Shan in Kyrgyzstan. 

It is situated in the center of Tien-Shan, it occupies the territory of the valley. The length is 4km, the width is 1km. The total area of water is 4,5 square kilometers. The lake was a result of reduction of the glacier Northern Enylchec.
Every year in autumn the water is breaching a dam in 710 days. 60km and is divided into two branches: the Northern and Southern Inylchek flowing from east to west respectively. The southern branch that you may have followed along, if you have not taken the helicopter to reach this place, is the more active one of these two.
Of special interest is the area close to the Merzbacher Meadow (the earth cache location), since most of the active glacier ice does not continue to flow down towards the valley anymore, but turns around the corner to continue for another kilometer towards the north, before calving into the Merzbacher Lake. 
Special for the Inylchek glacier are the different layers of debris cover that are easily distinguishable from above the moraine. The debris origins from the different mountain stocks in the surrounding area, whereas most of the material comes from the mountains lying south of the upper Inylchek, like for example the Pik Pobeda massif. 
This is due to the fact that on this site, many side glaciers flow into the Inylchek, carrying the different material into the main glacier area. The debris itself consists mainly of the following material: shalestone, marble, charnockite, granite and lime. 
Another fact, the Inylchek is famous for is the Merzbacher Lake (you can see it in 4km distance towards the north). This lake was discovered in 1903 by Prof. Dr. Gottfried Merzbacher, a German alpinist, who tried to locate the exact position of the Khan Tengri at that time and has been hindered to proceed further towards the Northern Inylchek by the water. 
An interesting fact about the Merzbacher lake is its glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF), which happens at least once a year and usually in summer time (July - August). When this event occurs, all of a sudden the entire lake drains and the water flows beneath the glacier through subglacial channels towards the east.
Afterwards the lake is more or less empty, but only a huge amount of icebergs remain lying on the dry ground.

Lake Merzbacher.Lake Merzbacher.Lake Merzbacher.

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