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Tour Ship breaking yard on Aral.

Excursion walks to Small Aral sea.

“To travel is to live” 

Hans Christian Andersen.

The short description of the tour route from Aralsk to Zhalanash settlement:

 Aralsk - settlement Zhalanash -  Ship breaking yard on Aral - Aralsk. 

Distance of route: 138 km
Season: from May, 1st till September, 15th.
 The best time for travel: May - August.
Duration tour: 1 day.

Detailed the program jeep tour on Aral Sea in Kazakhstan:

Guided Tours to Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.

Breakfast. Transfer: Aralsk - settlement Zhalanash (63 km). Our way lays on northwest, through 5 kilometers from city asphalt, the further way up to settlement Zhalanash comes to an end, passes on grader. For 27 kilometers before settlement Zhalanash, to the left of road, picturesque precipice of natural boundary Saryshoky, northern chink Small Aral, stop on photographing are located.
Arrival in settlement Zhalanash and transfer to cemetery of the Lost ships (6 km). Photographing of at countryman with flat roofs. In 1960 - 1970 here lapped waters of Aral sea, now there was only this name. The ship which is near to skeleton of the big ship had the name "Baltic" for number OPA-85. Returning in settlement Zhalanash. Lunch. Returning in Aralsk (63 km). Departure from Aralsk.

Distances on route «Tour Ship breaking yard on Aral».

Settlement Zhalanash - Aralsk - 63 km.
Settlement Zhalanash - Cemetery of the Lost ships - 6 km.

Notes and recommendations to "Tour Ship breaking yard on Aral".

1. Quantity the person in group no more than 12 person.

Author program of Alexander Petrov. Copying and introduction -  from the sanction of the author

Photo by
Alexandr Petrov.