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Tour to Small Aral Sea.

Individual Tours to Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.

 «Happy journey and safe returning!»

The unknown author.

The short description of the tour route from Kok- Aral dam to village Akbasty:

Aralsk - settlement Zhalanash - cemetery "Lost ships" - settlement Tastubek - of fishermen place Tastubek - settlement Akespe - settlement Akbasty - settlement Karateren - lake Kombash - Aralsk.

Extension of route: 546 km
Season: from May 20, 1st till Oktober, 1th.
 The best time for travel: June - August.
Duration of tour: 4 days, 3 nights.

Detailed the program day by day around of Small Aral Sea:

Expeditions tours on Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.

1 Day. Town Aralsk - settlement Zhalanash - settlement Tastubek (109 km).
Departure from Aralsk, our way lays on northwest, through 5 kilometers from city asphalt, the further way up to settlement Zhalanash comes to an end, passes on grader. For 27 kilometers before settlement Zhalanash, to the left of road, picturesque breakages of natural boundary Saryshoky, northern part Northern Aralsk, stop on photographing are located.
Arrival in settlement Zhalanash (63 km) and transfer to cemetery of "Stranded ships" (6 km). Photographing of rural houses and local residents. In 1960 - 1970 here were waters of Aral sea. Walk to the ships, photographing. The ship which is near to the big ship had the name "Baltic" and carried number OPA-85.
Lunch at the Stranded ships. The termination of lunch, transfer to settlement Tastubek and further to place fishermen on coast Northern Small Aral (38 km). Walks in vicinities of fishing brigade, bathing in warm waters Aral, participation in fishing with fishermen.
Returning in settlement Tastubek (4 km), walks in vicinities of settlement. Accommodation in the house local*. Dinner anf overnight.
2 Day. Settlement Tastubek - settlement Akespe - settlement Akbasty - Kok-Aral dam (253 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: settlement Tastubek - settlement Akespe (55 km). From settlement Tastubek our way lays on the north, along east part of gulf Butakov to northern breakages Small Aral. We do some stops at abrupt breakages for shootings landscapes. The road passes along breakages, near to the sea. Through 46 kilometers we come to thermal hydrosulphuric source which is in 2 kilometers from settlement Akespe. Stop, photographing of thermal springs and vicinities of gulf Butakov.
Transfer to settlement Akespe. Walk on photosession in nearby sandy barchans at settlement, lunch on sea coast. After lunch transfer to settlement Akbasty. We move along the western part of Small Northern Aral sea to settlement Akbasty. Walk to mazars (The Kazakh cemetery) the brought sand, updating of stocks of water in settlement Akbasty (in the western part of settlement there is an artesian chink).
Further transfer to Berg's isthmus through which in 2005 the dam partitioned off Small and Big Aral and received the name the Kook-Aral dam has been laid. In the western part from our road there is hill Duat (or mountain the Kook-Aral in 1980 near to this hill was sea beacon Karotas which helped sea courts to overcome Berg isthmus.
Walk on the Kok-Aral to a dam, visit of sluices of dam. Accommodation in the tents, dinner and overnight.
3 Day. Kok-Aral dam - settlement Karateren - settlement Karashalan - settlement Bogen - settlement Amanotkel - lake Kombash (98 km).
Breakfast. After breakfast our way lays on earth road to Aklak to hydrounit which is constructed on the river Syr-Darya for regulation of water level in the river which will fill the rivers. Walk in vicinities of hydrounit.
Transfer to settlement Bogen, walk to vicinities of local school which has been constructed in 1954, now around of school are high barchans. Photographing of local mosque. Transfer through settlement Amanotkel in settlement Koszhar, arrival in settlement Koszhar, excursion on fish factory and local.
Transfer on lake Kombash, accommodation in yurt camp. Lunch. Rest on lake, bathing, walks by boats. In the evening farewell supper and fire on coast of lake, local folklore, performance of the musician, game on kazakh dombra, accomplishment of the Kazakh songs. Overnight in the yurts.
4 Day. Transfer: Lake Kombash - Aralsk (86 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: lake Kombash - town Aralsk (86 km). After breakfast, we leave hospitable lake Kombash and our way the Western Europe - the Western China which will connect the Chinese city of Lyanynygangan and the Russian city of St.Petersburg lays in the city of Aralsk on new motorway.
Arrival in Aralsk. Start of excursion on Aralsk, visiting of railway station, visit of building of station, visit of sailing vessel and monument to victims of reprisals being on the area at railway station. Visiting of city museum.
Continuation of excursion on city: visiting of museum to fishermen, museum of the ships of the Aral flotilla open-air, the city area with monuments to khan Abulkhair, monument Zhibek and Tulegen, stella "Kazakhstan", walk on area at office block akimat and visit of monuments - to the fisherman and horse Przhevalskiy, avenues of heroes. Lunch in cafe "Chinson".
After lunch free time, rest. Dinner in cafe "Chinson". Accompanying service at departure to railway station, departure from Aralsk.

Distances on route «Tour to Small Aral Sea»:

Town Aralsk - settlement Zhalanash - 63 km.
 Settlement Zhalanash - cemetery of "Stranded ships» - 6 km
 The Cemetery of "Stranded ships» - settlement Tastubek - 32 km
 Settlement Tastubek - place of fishermen Tastubek - 4 km.
 Place fishermen Tastubek - settlement Akespe - 61 km
 Settlement Tastubek - settlement Akespe - 55 km.
 Settlement Akespe - settlement Akbasty - 100 km.
 Settlement Akbasty - settlement Karateren - 98 km.
 Settlement Karatern - lake Kombash - 98 km.
 Lake Kombash - the city of Aralsk - 86 km.

Train schedule from station Aralsk - Almaty:

The train 24 «Aktobe - Almaty », daily, from Aralsk, at 06.24.
The train 377 « Mangyshlak - Almaty», daily, from Aralsk, at 02.35.
The train 34 «Aktobe - Almaty», daily, from Aralsk, at 08.02.
The train 41 «Atyrau - Almaty», daily, from Aralsk, at 12.35
The train 7 «Moscow - Almaty», daily, from Aralsk, at 02.22.

All trains from Aralsk to Almaty and on other directions passing.

Notes and recommendations to "Tour to Small Aral Sea":

1. Quantity the person in group no more than 12 person.
2. The toilet in the guest house is in settlement Aralsk and Karateren outside of the house. The soul in the house is not present, there is bath in which it is possible to be washed by hot water. For overnight in the guest house to you will suggest to be placed on floor in the house on mattresses with bed linen in separate room. The guest house, is the house in which there live also owners of this house.
3. From settlement Kazaly up to settlement Karaterena, from settlement Karateren up to the Kok-Aral of dam both from the Kok-Aral of dam and up to settlement Bogen the way lays on macadam road, recommended maximal speed, no more than 60 kilometers at an o'clock.
4. Transfer on motor vehicles UAZ, absence of conditioners, dust in interiors of the car are possible.

The note:
Author program is Alexander Petrov. Copying and use - from the sanction of the author

Alexander Petrov