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4. Nofin lake.

Trip from Dushanbe on Marguzor lakes.

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Trip on the lake Nofin.

Nofin the lake is located on 1820 meters above sea level. From East side the river Rashnabolosou flows into the lake. The lake is on the southern slope of the Gissar Range in the Fann Mountains. Territorially the lake is in the Panjikent district of the Sughd region of Tajikistan.
Geographical coordinates of the lake Nofin N39 °11'21,76 "E67 °49'41,81" Distance from the lake Gushor to the lake Nofin 2 kilometers of the heavy mountain road. The name of the lake is translated from Tajik - an umbilical cord.
Lake Nofin, the longest of all seven Marguzor lakes. Extent of the lake is 2 kilometers 548 meters, the greatest width to the mouth of 199 meters, color of water greenish. The road goes on the right coast of the lake. On the middle of a way along the lake Nofin ashore the small platform, a grove - the phenomenon for the gorge Shing rare as throughout its slopes and coast of lakes rocky are also deprived of vegetation.

Nofin lake.Household everyday life of people of Tajikistan.Nofin lake.Nofin lake.Household everyday life of people of Tajikistan.

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