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Aiyrtau hills - Two brothers.

Travels on the Kokchetav Upland in Kazakhstan.

“The rivers are fast, the expanse of lakes -
And greatness and spaciousness.
The endless valleys of the valleys
And the ridges of impregnable mountains"

Zhambyl Zhabayev. "Song of the summer."

A trip to the Ayrtau mountains in the Kokshetau park.

Paired hills in the Aiyrtau mountains - Two Brothers are located between the Shalkar and Imantau lakes in the Ayrtau region of the North Kazakhstan region in the territory of the Kokshetau national park. Hills are located 12 kilometers west of the village of Aiyrtau.
Hills Two Brothers have a common saddle-pass, which separates them at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level. Hills are located at the junction of the Turgai plateau and the Kokchetav Upland. The hills have a pointed shape with a height of 523 - 555 meters above sea level.
The steep slopes are composed of Silurian granites. Pine, birch, meadowsweet and steppe plants grow on chernozem soil. A legend has survived, which in ancient times people tried to explain the origin of the hills. In ancient times, numerous enemies attacked our land. And two brother-batyr stood against them.
They fought for days and nights until they took the invaders to flight. But the brothers were mortally wounded by arrows and they turned into hills (older brother and younger). Their younger sister cried out so many tears that a salt lake formed. People say:
"How many enemies died so many trees grew on the slopes of hills, from the drops of blood formed overgrown berries."
There is such a beautiful legend that explains the formation of the most beautiful natural monument of the Aiyrtau hill. In the southeast of the Ayrtau region, the Kokchetav Upland with the Aiyrtau and Imantau mountain ranges is located. In the center of the district is the tract Syrymbet.
On the northern border of the district is located Zhaman-Hills. In the south of the region is a high massif of Zhaksy-Zhalgiztau with a dominant mountain 748 meters above sea level, which is the highest point of the region.

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