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Annovsky temple in Kostanai region.

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"This is a vice inherent in our nature: things invisible, hidden and unknown give rise in us both great faith and the strongest fear"

Julius Caesar.

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The dilapidated Annovsky temple is located at an altitude of 174 meters above sea level, is located on the territory of the abolished village of Annovka, near the administrative border of Kostanay and North Kazakhstan regions, 63.8 kilometers northeast of the village of Sarykol, 49.3 kilometers southeast of east of the village of Uzunkol, 33.9 kilometers northwest of the village of Timirzyaevo, in the Sarykolsky district of the Kostanay region.
Annovsky temple is located in the Sarykol district of the Kostanay region. Many years ago, on the instructions of the maid of honor of the Imperial Majesty Anna, a temple was built on the territory of the Sarykol region in the village of Annovka, in whose honor it was named.
A high belfry was located next to the temple, and the tops were decorated with golden domes. With the advent of Soviet power, it was decided to demolish the temple. However, this was not easy to do, the temple was built from natural materials used in the manufacture of bricks for the temples.
Golden-headed Anna, Anna Sheremeteva was distinguished by her intelligence and ingenuity. The place she chose for the village and the temple was on a hill, near a full-flowing lake, and was surrounded by fertile lands.
In order to start the construction of the church, she turned to the department in Novonikolaevsk, as Kostanay was then called, about the construction of the temple. Of course, not in full - then funds for such matters were collected publicly.
People were sent to the construction, and the population of nearby villages and the one under construction Annovka was levied a kind of tax - in the form of eggs, milk and other natural materials used in the production of bricks for churches.
The solution mixed with these components is so strong that even today it is impossible to break the wall of this church. The construction of the temple took several months. The finished building was truly monumental: eyewitnesses said that the Annovsky temple surpassed in its parameters the large Borovsk church, which is also well preserved to this day.
A high belfry was located next to the temple, and the tops were decorated with golden domes, the radiance from which could be seen at a great distance. But the days of a bloody coup came. Soviet power came to this region too.
There were also adherents of the new government here. They decided to demolish the temple. However, this was not easy to do for the above reasons. The temple was never completely destroyed. The belfry was dismantled, the domes were demolished, and the main room was adapted for a club.
Annovka lost its status as a volost center, and became less populated. However, you should not think that the temple is completely abandoned. Yes, it looks deplorable, everything is destroyed inside, there is no roof, but, nevertheless, believers from nearby villages still come here to pray within these walls.
They even say that a relic is immured in one of the walls of the temple, which gives the worshipers special grace. And, they say, as long as it is preserved, until then we will keep the Annovsky temple.
Geographical coordinates of Annovskiy Temple: N53°49'29.56" E65°59'30.67"

n excerpt from the book of local historian VV Starodub: "Historical, memorable, cultural places of Sarykol". 

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.