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Avenue Rudakhi in Dushanbe.

Familiarization tour across Dushanbe. 

“For the joys of the lowly body, I could not offend the spirit.
It is disgraceful to be a chaplain to someone who is high in dignity.
Hellas will not look for water in a dry stream
The one who is the bearer of the truth appeared in the world as a prophet"

Abulhasan Rudaki.

Visiting sights of Dushanbe.

Rudaki Avenue is the main thoroughfare of Dushanbe, the architectural, administrative and cultural center of the republic. Here the main squares of the city are connected. The avenue starts from the Privok-zalnaya square of Academicians Soleh and Zarif Radjabovs (former Kuibyshev).
This main central street of the capital and a large avenue of the city is named after Rudaki, a classic of Tajik literature. Rudaki Avenue stretches from south to north for 12 kilometers, from the territory of the railway station to the very entrance to the Varzob mountain gorge.
To the north of the square there is a green boulevard right up to another square named after S. Aini, on which there is a monument to the founder of modern Tajik literature, Sadriddin Said-murod-zade, known under the pseudonym Aini.
The bronze monument was erected in 1978 by the sculptor E. G. Eldarov and the architects R. D. Karimov, A. P. A Gorodov. Heroes of the writer's works are frozen in bronze around the monument. A beautiful shady avenue of plane trees begins from S. Ayni Square.
Between the alley and the square of the 800th anniversary of Moscow, on the one hand there is the hotel "Vaht", on the other - a deli. But the crown of this square should be considered the magnificent building of the Opera and Ballet Theater named after S. Aini - one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital.
The pool and fountains in the square of the Theater constitute a separate architectural and cultural complex. Further along Rudaki Avenue, Ozodi Square. The square is framed by the House of Government, the building of the Main Post Office, the cinema named after A. Jami, a little further - the Central Park of Culture and Recreation.
Central shops were concentrated along the avenue. Here, in the very center, is the Russian Drama Theater named after Mayakovsky. Further along the avenue - Shakhidon Square and the presidential palace. Immediately behind the square, on the first side, there is a square with a teahouse "Rokhat" and the Academic Tajik State Theater named after Lakhuti.
Rudaki Avenue is completed by Border Guards Square, where a shopping center with a bus station is concentrated. Rudaki Avenue is known in Dushanbe as Nevsky Avenue in St. Petersburg or Tverskoy Avenue in Moscow.
Walking along Rudaki Avenue, you can get acquainted with the main sights of the city: rare architectural compositions of the capital, administrative, scientific and cultural institutions, higher educational institutions, central retail chains, state symbols of the country, capital theatres, museums, hotels and restaurants.
Geographic coordinates of Rudaki Avenue in Dushanbe: N38°35'13.31" E68°47'11.43"

Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.