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Bokty mount on Mangyshlak.

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“All nature wears one universal grin” 

Henry Fielding.

Tours to Bokty mount on Mangyshlak.

Mount Bokty, 165.8 meters above sea level, is located at the bottom of a dried salt marsh in the northwestern part of the Mangyshlak peninsula, north of the Baisary valley, north of the Kulandy ledge, 23.4 kilometers (in a straight line) west of the Boszhira valley, 36 kilometers to the southeast of the Shopan ata underground mosque in the Karakiya district of the Mangistau region.
From the south, the mountain is closed by the Baisary valley, from the west the Azhyrektyoy valley approaches Bokty. If you continue driving from Mount Bokty further to the east, country, well-worn roads will lead to the Boszhira valley.
The surviving chink of the mountain is stretched from the latitudinal direction by 452 meters, the width of the chink in the central part is 92 meters. The foot of the mountain is 965 meters from west to east, width - 591 meters, the base of the mountain stretches 1.2 kilometers from south-east to north-west, the width of the base is 1.1 kilometers.
The path from the Shopan ata mosque to Mount Bokty lies along a steppe country road, moving from the Boszhira valley to Bokty, you will have to climb a low mountain ridge that stretches in the meridional direction, as if delimiting the Boszhira valley from the Bokty mountain.
The distance from the Boszhira valley to Mount Bokty is 39 kilometers, in rainy weather this path will not seem easy, the country road to the mountain range is made of clay. The path along the ridge sometimes goes along the exposed, flattened monolithic rocks, traversing a small plateau and soon the road leads to a sharp descent to the sor, among which is Mount Bokty.
Mount Bokty is located at the bottom of a dried up salt marsh, the northern side of which is bounded by the Golbanshe hill, through which the grader road to the mosque Beket ata passes. Stack cliff mountains have an amazing feature from different points of view to change their shape beyond recognition.
Mount Bokty is one of them. On the one hand, it is a gigantic boat turned upside down, if viewed from the south, the mountain looks like a majestic pyramid cut by horizontal, multi-colored stripes. From the base to half the mountain is colored with white-yellow-red stripes, the rest of the mountain to the top has solid colors from gray-brown-greenish.
The base of the mountain is cut by meridional gorges similar to the paws and figures of fantastic animals. The mountain is located on a flat, like a table, clay surface - takyr. On the one hand, it is a giant boat turned upside down with a keel overgrown with a bottom overgrown with dark brown algae and snow-white sides, outlined by a red-yellow waterline.
On the other hand, there is a majestic pyramid not made by hands, comparable to the legendary tomb of Cheops in Giza.
Geographic coordinates of Mount Bokty: N43 ° 25'19.96 "E53 ° 47'57.59"

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Authority and photos:
Alexander Petrov.