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Home » Shakhi-i-Zinda the mausoleums and funeral complex in Samarkand. Necropolises of the Central Asia.

Courtyard of the upper group on Shakhi-i-Zinda.

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“A palace is erected above the city
 Whose circle compiler mapped out.
 Not according to the divine drawings
 Erected a set of surprise to us.
 That vault is the top of all earthly wonders,
 The likeness of the vault of the eternal heaven.
 What is given to the dome of heaven
 Everything in the dome of the earth is reflected"

Alisher Navoi "Confusion of the Righteous".

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The courtyard of the upper group on the architectural complex of the Shahi-i-Zinda necropolis in Samarkand portraits of three tombs, two of which are made by masters of a single Samarkand workshop.

G.A. Pugachenkova.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.