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Mausoleum of 762 in Shakhi-Zinda.

Shakh-i-Zinda necropolis.

"... which the Lord in chastity saved the construction of the building is over the 13th day of the Safar month 762"

Tours to the necropolis of Shakhi-i-Zinda.

Near the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmad on the right side is the unknown mausoleum of 762 AH (1360 - 1361). The author of Samaria, Abu-Tahir Khoja, calls him the burial vault of Timur's wife, Kutlug-aka, which, however, contradicts the preserved part of the inscription, which says: "... which the Lord in chastity kept building the building is over 13 days of the safar month 762." (i.e. December 23, 1360).
Its dome and interior are entirely lined with colored terracotta glazed. The mausoleum was completely restored in 1962. Both mausoleums belong to the pre-Timurov time. On these architectural monuments there are irrigation bricks, painted majolica and relief glazed tiles, but the mosaic appeared only in Timur time.

G.A. Pugachenkova.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.