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Delta of Atrek River.

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"Therefore, we rejoice, getting into nature, that here we come to our senses"

Prishvin M.M.

Sights of nature of Turkmenistan.

Delta of the Atrek River is located in the southwestern part of Turkmenistan in the Balkan velayat, in the southwestern part of the border with Iran. The delta of the Atrek River is a system of ancient, young and modern delta plains and river valleys, the largest is the modern Esenguli.
It stretches in a wide strip in the very south of Southwestern Turkmenistan, at absolute heights below -10 meters. On its flat surface, there are east-northeast-west-south-west hillocks with steep slopes and a convex top, elongated in a sublatitudinal direction, which resemble ridges.
Their height does not exceed 10 - 12 meters, and their length is 2 - 3 kilometers. To the west and southwest, together with the delta surface, they decrease from 1 - 2 meters above sea level to 7 - 10 meters below sea level.
The surface of the delta in the west has marks - 15, then - 20 meters. It is also characterized by saline depressions with bottom marks - 24 - 25 meters. The delta plain is dotted with a system of channels and dry channels.
Summer shallow water in hot desert conditions gives rise to progressive soil salinization in places. In this regard, as well as due to lack of water, the territory is little used for agriculture.
Geographic coordinates of the Atrek River Delta: N37 ° 23'59.27 "E54 ° 23'09.07"

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