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Flora of Buiratau park.

Journey through park Buiratau.

“The world is like a book, and the one who knows only his country has read only the first page in it”


Trip from Almaty to Buiratau park.

A feature of forest vegetation in Buiratau nature park is a fairly wide distribution of relic black alders - sticky alder - a rare and Red Book species growing in the park in the Kara-agash valley, in the Yereymentau mountains, which are confined to conditions of stable constant moisture - along river valleys, streams, wet gorges.
Steppe ecosystems, combined with birch groves and floodplain aspen and black alder forests, are unique natural complexes. 
Vegetation in the territory of national park "Buiratau" is closely related to the landscape features of the region and includes 5 main types:
Forest type of vegetation in Buyratau park:
- small-leaved forests predominate - birch, pine, aspen, relic black alder forests. In some places there are artificial plantings of Scotch pine.
Shrub type of vegetation in Buiratau park:
- represented by thickets of 4 types: willow thickets; mesophytic shrubs from honeysuckle, wild rose, hawthorn, cotoneaster; xerophytic steppe shrubs represented by caragana and spirea; petrophytic shrubs, composed of thickets of Cossack juniper.
Steppe type of vegetation in Buiratau park:
- typical microthermal turf grasses (steppe cenoses of five formations predominate: oats, tyrsova, red feather grass, fescue, narrow-leaved feather grass.
Meadow type of vegetation in Buyratau park:
- real mesophytic meadows along the edges of forests and in glades; steppe meadow thickets at the foot of the hills and in depressions between the hills; halophytic meadows - along streams and springs.
Swamp type of vegetation in the Buiratau park:
- there are areas of excessive moisture, the territory in shallow waters, near springs. The communities are dominated by sedges, horsetails, hygrophytic forbs: marsh marigold, marsh bedstraw, poisonous milestone.
List of flora of national natural park Buyratau today includes:
610 species of vascular plants belonging to 288 genera and 75 families, which include the following divisions: Horsetails - 4 species; Ferns - 5 species; Gymnosperms - 3 species; Angiosperms - 598 species. The predominant group are representatives of the family Cereals, Legumes and Compositae.
Of these, 10 red-book plant species of the SNNP "Buiratau" are presented in the following form: sticky alder, Kyrgyz birch, Volga adonis, fluffy adonis, spring adonis, open lumbago, drooping tulip, common raven eye, pinnate feather grass and yellowish lumbago.
On the territory of the national of the park, we have identified 26 rare endangered plant species. Endemic plant species for "SNNP "Buiratau" are presented from 7 plant species. Indicator plant species are widespread (glutinous alder, Scotch pine, aspen, downy birch, thorny rosehip, black currant, Tatar honeysuckle, meadowsweet, St.
Geographical coordinates of natural park Buyratau (Ereymentau branch): N51°39'59.52" E72°43'09.40"
Geographical coordinates of natural park Buyratau (Belodymovsky branch): N51°14'31.71" E73°19'20.50"


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.