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Glaciers of Fortambek.

Hiking group on Pamir in Tajikistan.

"You travel twice as much on a trip.
You learn twice as much in a day.
Nothing happens while sitting at home, but something happens on a journey every day and you change and grow.
Therefore, for ten years of travel you live and grow by twenty”

Anton Krotov.

Popular destinations on Pamir Tajikistan.

The complex valley Fortambek glacier is located in the Sangvor region of Tajikistan on the southern slope of the Peter the Great ridge. The length of the glacier is 27.1 kilometers, the area of ​​the Surgan glacier 36.4 kilometers square occupies the upper reaches of the river of the same name belongs to the Muksu river basin.
Its feeding area is located at the base of the largest peaks - peaks Moscow, Kirov 6370 meters above sea level and Krupskaya peak 6010 meters above sea level), a wide part of the glacier descends to an altitude of 2850 meters above sea level.
Above the right edge of this glacier at an altitude of 5400 - 5600 meters above sea level is the Pamir firn plateau.

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Photos by
Alexander Petrov.