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Gorelnik camp site. 1932 - 1973

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The shelter for tourists - a hut with two floors of plank beds on 20 people - in the mouth of the river was constructed in 1932 at the initiative of A. Bergrin. In 1936 on this place the camp site of "Gorelnik" was open.
Nice history of a camp site "Gorelnik" which became further all-Union tourist center began with this hut, was for many years the most attractive in the USSR. Permits to a camp site were selected only to the most worthy, caused a stir in work and public life.
In 1943 in it the All-Union school of instructors of mountain parts which prepared for 2 years of 1500 instructors and 12 000 mining shooters was placed. Since 1959 began to serve tourists again. M. Pogrebetsky a first mountain climber on peak of Khan-Tengri directed school.
In 50th and 60th the last century the camp site was considered as one of the best in the Soviet Union. Annually studied mountaineering to 2000 people at a camp site. Here tourists who received the Tourist of the USSR badge and tourists 3 categories prepared.
On a tourist's market the Gorelnik there were it is registered all-Union pedestrian to a route 65, 66, 191, 192. After a destructive mudflow in July, 1973 when huge boulders weight several tons everyone fell upon a camp site and the tourists who are there, "Gorelnik" was closed. Subsequently the camp site in 1973 is closed because of torrential danger.

Camp site Gorelinik. Beginning of the 70th years of last century.Chairman of the central federation of mountaineering Honoured Master of Sports Cherepov and commander of a mass alpiniada Master of Sports Zimin.All groups came for storm of tops from a camp site the Gorelnik.In the Gorelnik at a thermal spring.Camp site Gorelinik. Beginning of the 70th years of last century.All groups came for storm of tops from a camp site the Gorelnik.Timbered house in the Gorelnik constructed in 1932 on 12 people.


Victor Matveevich Zimin album from the museum of sport of Kazakhstan. Signatures of the author under photos are kept.