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Grigoriev glacier in North Tien-Shan.

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“I owe my success at that time to my guide Ryskul Dzhilkaidarov. You should have seen with what confidence he led us in dangerous places, past gaping cracks in the firn, along slippery icy slopes. By the right of the first explorer who completed the described path, I consider it fair to perpetuate the memory of my guide Ryskul Dzhilkaidarov by calling the valley in the upper reaches of the Issyk River in front of the pass glacier - the Ryskul Valley.”

Sergey Evgenievich Dmitriev (1861 – 1931).

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Grigoriev Glacier is located at an altitude: upper limit of glacier is 4494.9 meters above sea level (peak of 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan), end of glacier is 3681 meters above sea level, located in upper reaches of Right Kok-Bulak River, on northern slope of Zailiysky Alatau ridge, on territory of Almaty Nature Reserve, in Talgar district, in the south of Almaty region. 
The glacier consists of three branches. The total area of the Grigoriev glacier is 6.04 square kilometers, the perimeter is 15.93 kilometers. The upper boundary of the glacier runs along the main ridge of the Zailiysky Alatau ridge
Length of Grigoriev glacier:
- the length of the right (eastern) branch of the Grigoriev glacier is 2.4 kilometers.
- the length of the central branch of the Grigoriev glacier is 2.67 kilometers.
- the length of the left (western) branch of the Grigoriev glacier is 2.11 kilometers.
The Grigoriev Glacier is the largest in the entire Issyk River basin. The Grigoriev Glacier is up to 2 kilometers wide in the tongue area and up to 3 kilometers wide in the firn field area. The glacier can be classified as a basin type. Its configuration reveals significant similarities with the Dmitriev glacier. The total area of the glacier with its buried tip is approximately more than 8 square kilometers. 
Geographic coordinates of Grigoriev Glacier: N43°04'56 E77°28'45

Grigoriev glacier in mountains North Tien-Shan.

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Alexander Petrov and Sergei Mikhalkov
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