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Grigoriev glacier North Tien-Shan.

 Adventure tours on glaciers Zailiskiy Ala-Tau.

«Mountains know: to them the trouble has come.
 The Smoke has tightened passes.
 You did not distinguish still then
 From breaks mountain collapses»

Vladimir Vysotskiy. "For Michael Hergiani".

 Travel Guide North Tien-Shan Kazakhstan.

 Grigoriev Glacier is the largest in river basin Issyk.
The field has Grigoriev glacier at length up to 5 kilometers at width both up to 2 kilometers and up to 3 kilometers snow field.
The glacier concerns to type hollow. The configuration he has significant similarity to Dmitriev glacier.
The total area of a glacier with the fallen asleep extremity makes approximately more than 8 kilometers square.

Grigoriev glacier.

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Alexander Petrov and Sergei Mikhalkov