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Lake Big Chebachye in Borovoe.

Travel on steppe lakes of the Central Kazakhstan.

 “Two things control men`s nature, instinct and experience”

Blaise Pascal.

Sigts in Akmola of province.

On a southeast from group of lakes Borovoye, on edge of a hills, there is a small lake Katarkol and small lakes Karasu and Sulukol.
To northern, in a strip of fine hills, there are fine lakes of steppe type - Maibalyk, White (Akkol) and Surinskoe (Those-kekol).
The Big lake Chebachye in 16,5 km to the north from the city of Shuchinsk is located. This largest and deep lake Burabai.
The maximal depth reaches 37 m, and width - 4,2 km. Lake opened, without water vegetation that speaks greater depths.
On lake there are the small islands, formed by diving heights and ridges. From southern coast at a resort «Borovoye» in lake the river Kurkureuk runs, follows from lake Borovoye. Water is used for drink, a watering place of cattle and various needs of settlement Borovoye.

Lake Big ChebachyeLake Big ChebachyeLake Big Chebachye.Lake Big Chebachye.Lake Big Chebachye.

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