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Kenesary Khan's Cave.

Tourist trips in the Burabay region.

"This night in a cave among the mountains
Thought Kenesary Khan
About the fate of their oppressed people”

Magzhan Zhumabaev.

Sights of Burabay region.

In the northern part of Kokshetau region there is a large lake. The shores are covered with a green blanket. This is the headquarters of the great Khan Abylai, and the lake is called Khan. In 1802, here, at the headquarters of Sultan Kasym, a boy was born - Kenesary, a descendant of the great Abylai.
Kenesary Kasymuly - the Kazakh khan, elected in 1841 at a meeting of the Kazakh nobility, the leader of the national liberation movement of 1837 - 1847, covering the whole of Kazakhstan, the grandson of the great Abylay Khan and the last of the worthy descendants of the Genghis Khans.
Khan Kene continued the struggle of his father, Kasym-Sultan, against tsarist colonization, the construction of Russian fortresses and the oppression of the Kazakh population by the colonialists. The political heritage of Kenesary was preserved in the memory of the people as their honor, pride and dignity.
Kenesary’s legacy, like his personal fate, has experienced various vicissitudes. They were inspired by him, but they tried to erase him with inexorable sequence from the memory, conscience, and consciousness of the people.
Near the Okzhetpes sanatorium, from the south of Lake Auliekol in the Burabay district of the Akmola region in the forest among the pines, a small cave, named after Khan Kenesary Kasymov, is hidden from people's eyes.
The cave has a good location - at its foot there is a sloping stone, from the top of which you can observe the entire district. The cave itself resembles a yurt in shape, in which even a chimney is provided - a hole at the top of the cave leading out.
This cave is famous among tourists for the fact that a legend about Kenesary is associated with it. When Kenesary was a young batyr, he loved to go to the Burabai forests with his retinue to hunt the animals that lived here. In order not to return to headquarters at night, Kenesary was hiding from the night darkness and bad weather in a cave.
This is the story the guide tells when he drives tourists along this route. Not so long ago, a memorial was erected at the cave with a drawn excerpt from a poem by Magzhan Zhumabaev:
"This night in a cave among the mountains
Thought Kenesary Khan
About the fate of their oppressed people"

This legend could well be true. Indeed, Kenesary Kasymov, who was the grandson of Abylai Khan and the son of Kasym, was born in 1802 in this tract. The fact that he loved hunting is a universally recognized fact. Therefore, this cave could serve him as an overnight stay in sorties.


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.