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Lake Sorbulak in Kazakhstan.

Tourism in the Kazakhstan.

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Ornithological tours on the lake Sorbulak.

The lake a settler Sorbulak was considered as the biggest in the CIS and one of the world's largest. Here the sewage of Almaty which underwent mechanical and biology cleaning, Talgar, Kaskelen and some other settlements of Almaty region is dumped.
The main functions of the lake - deep long-term regulation of sewage - ensuring their natural self-cleaning. The lake Sorbulak is located in the natural closed hollow, is in the northwest of Almaty. The maximum length of the lake Sorbulak makes 13 kilometers, width - to 5 kilometers, the maximum depth - 22 meters.
The basis of a dam of the lake Sorbulak are put by low-permeable thickness of deposits up to the depth of 55 meters below which the regional water emphasis from clay educations settles down. For control of the level of ground waters the alignment from 21 wells from Sorbulak on the West to the river Uzun-Kargaly is equipped, for control of water level in the lake the hydropost is equipped.
In September, 1969 the government of the Kazakh SSR published the order about removal of sewage of Alma-Ata in a hollow Sorbulak with the subsequent use them for irrigation. The system of reservoirs of sewage is located in natural decreases on the plateau Karaoy in a semidesertic zone on the southern border of the valley of river Ili.
At wind movement of water passes quicker. Height of a wind wave in a reservoir can reach 2,7m at a wind 30m/s speed.

The lake Sorbulak.The lake Sorbulak.The lake Sorbulak.The lake Sorbulak.The lake Sorbulak.The lake Sorbulak.The lake Sorbulak.


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