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Legend about Bayanaul.

Legends of mountains Bayanaul.

“We know nothing at all. All our knowledge is but the knowledge of schoolchildren. The real nature of things we shall never know” 

Albert Einstein.

Exploring in Kazakhstan.

The legend is the story of the seven brothers’ fight against the three-headed dragon.
The man-eating dragon occupied the land long ago and all the nomadic tribes had to avoid that place.
Many brave people attempted to kill the dragon when he was sleeping but one of his heads was always awake and thus all the attempts resulted in nothing.
There were seven sons of a family traveling around the Bayanaul Steppe. They decided to kill the monster.
They built a boat and three elder brothers went to fight with the dragon. But they only cut only one of its heads and were killed.
The following day three other brothers sailed to the dragon. They suffered the same fate but another head of the dragon was cut.
Then the youngest brother built a boat and went to fight with the monster. During the battle the batyr managed to strike a fatal blow to the dragon but the latter dug his teeth into the boy’s body.
They were both killed. People believe that nature had created the stone monuments in memory of the seven brothers’ feat. There are three stone boats in the lake and seven stone rocky prominences symbolizing the seven brothers at the Akbet foot.
There are three stone heads of the man-eating dragon lower at the lakeside.  

Advertizing leaflet Bayanaul of park, 2003.

Alexander Petrov.