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Legend about Shopan-Ata.

Legends about the eminent sacred Kazakhstan.

A legend about occurrence of the underground mosque is popularly known. According to the legend, Shopan -ata was a learner of the legendary Sufi Ahmed Yasaui. Once the mentor gathered all his disciples and gave them a task to go to preach Islam in different parts of the world.
Destination had to be determined with the flying arrow of the learners. Where the arrow falls, there has the preacher to go. The arrow of Shopan - Ata flew to Mangystau and fell in the realm of the rich cattleman Bayan.
Shopan ata got the job from the bai, but Bayan soon realized the true purpose of his visit. As a result, the cattleman gave Shopan - ata his daughter in marriage.
Many years later, at the foot of the cliff where the arrow fell, Shopan ata built an underground mosque.

Sanislav Lee. The town of Aktau.

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