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Legend of singing dune in park Altyn-Emel.

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 “Never be afraid to go away from the seas, borders, countries and thoughts”

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In a distant, distant country, in the mountains of the Dzungarian Alatau, the Spirit lived. Cheerful. Loved the Spirit very much to joke jokes, but how to joke? There is no voice, no body ... Who will understand the voiceless and incorporeal jokes.
And the Spirit decided to find a body for himself - there will be a body and a voice will be. “Then I'll have fun!” Thought the Spirit. He looked around - the mountains to the left, the mountains to the right, the steppe between them, and the lonely sand dune in the steppe.
Very rarely, where the trees grow, dry grass tends to wind. “Some kind of strange dune,” thought the Spirit, “All dunes, like dunes, are in the desert. This one in the steppe stands and does not move. ” High in the sky, an eagle soars, looks for prey: maybe the tortoise crawls, or maybe the gopher runs.
“No, I do not want to be a tree, nor an eagle, nor an eagle’s prey,” the Spirit decided, and he became sad. Then suddenly a wind blew from the western mountains and began to blow sand from the top of the dune. It flew to the eastern mountains, pushed off, grabbed grains of sand and carried it back.
“So this is why the dune stands still,” the Spirit rejoiced, “This is what I will become. Ah, good! ”He rose above the dune, tried on and dived into the sand. He moved, rustled with grains of sand: warm, comfortable, and then the wind died down.
The night in the foothill steppes is cold, the stars shine - yellow, white, blue, greenish, red - like flowers in a meadow. Flicker, wink at the Spirit: "Well done." At night, the steppe inhabitants, who hid from burrows during the daytime from the heat, got out of the shelters: who to eat, who to drink, and who just to take a walk.
The jerboa decided to visit his relatives on a short trip: jump on a dune, and the Spirit: “Ay!” The jerboa jumped in fright, the brush on its tail shook. The spirit is fun. The legs of a jerboa are thin, the claws are long, scratching. Jerboa - jump, Spirit - "Ay!".
Of all the strengths, the jerboa jumped, and after it "Ay-ah-ah-ah-ah!" Barely took the tail. A steppe fox - corsac - went hunting. A fur coat, like sand - yellow-gray, eyes - beads are round, sparkle, look for prey. The fox stepped on the dune, and the Spirit “Cha!” The fox was surprised, she took another step.
“U!” The Spirit answered. The fox flees, and the Spirit: “Cha-u! Cha-u! Cha-u! Watch out, night people, the fox is looking for prey.” The fox is hungry, but the Spirit is pleased. The Spirit has completely dispersed. The snake crawled onto the dune, and the prankster hissed:
"Ps-ss-ss-ss, ss-ss-ss." She was a wise snake, she lived for a long time in this world - she was not afraid. Only the Spirit shamed: “Your jokes are bad, evil. He scared the jerboa, left the foxes hungry, laughed at me, the old one. What for? You now have a voice. Live - rejoice yourself and other joys."
The Spirit thought. And in the morning the sun rose, a light wind blew, the Spirit asked: “Help, brothers! Gray, the sun, hotter, blow, the wind, stronger. " The sun is warming, the wind is blowing from left to right. Spirit sings in the voice of a dune.
He sings in different ways: sometimes it shimmers like a mountain river over stones, then it buzzes like bees in a flowering garden, or it sounds like an organ. In various places the Spirit was, could tell a lot. And he sang so beautifully that the rumor spread far about him.
People began to come to the singing dune from afar. They clap their hands on the sand - the dune sings, tries. And when the brother-sun and brother-wind help - absolutely amazing concerts are obtained. And the Spirit forgot about offensive jokes - he now has songs.


Alexander Petrov.