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Museum of Ibrai Altynsarin in Kostanay.

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“The word“ museum ”in translation from Greek means“ temple of the muses ”. The museum communicates the times. It provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of the experience of those who lived before us in the field of science, culture, morality."

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Museum of Ibrai Altynsarin located in the Kostanai town. Ibrai Altynsarin laid the foundation for the secular education of the Kazakh people. Author of the first Kazakh textbooks: "Kyrgyz Reader" (1879; 2nd edition, 1906) and "An initial guide to teaching the Russian language to the Kirghiz" (1879), author of fables and stories, as well as translations by L. N. Tolstoy , I.A.Krylova.
This is the first building in the region, built specifically for the museum and made according to an individual project of the chief architect of Kostanay, Khadzhimurat Kuchikov. A beautiful, original design building harmoniously combines national lines with classics.
The museum is located in the historical and architectural part of the city, next to the boarding school. Altynsarin for gifted children, founded by him in 1884 in the Urdabay tract (this is the name of the city according to the documents compiled by Altynsarin).
In October 1991, to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding teacher-educator, the regional memorial museum of I. Altynsarin was opened. This beautiful oriental-style building is located in the historical and architectural part of the city next to the monument to Ibrai Altynsarin and the boarding school named after A. Altynsarin for gifted children, founded by him in 1884.
Part of the memorial-museum complex is a copy of the Altynsarin school of that era, the architect of the project is Khadzhimurat Adievich Kuchikov. The museum contains books dedicated to the life and work of I. Altynsarin, things that were used more than once in the family, books by I. Altynsarin, models of his schools, photographs, memoirs.
The exhibition created in the museum not only highlights the life and work of Altynsarin, but also the history of the formation and development of the public education system in Kazakhstan. As an inspector of schools in the Turgai region, I. Altynsarin contributed to the opening of 4 two-grade central schools, five volost schools, two schools for children of Russian settlers.
He stood at the origins of female and craft education, as evidenced by unique photographs, archival documents in the museum. The museum has interesting materials about prominent educators, scientists, cultural figures, poets-akyns, graduates of the Altynsarin schools, a unique collection of historical relics and works of Ibrai Altynsarin's relative, the people's writer of Kazakhstan Mariyam Khakimzhanova.
Today the museum, as a complex scientific and educational institution, works in three directions: pedagogy, literature, culture and art. Every year the museum is visited by about 30 thousand tourists, including guests from near and far abroad.
The main mission of the memorial museum is to preserve, study and popularize the heritage of the great enlightener Ibrai Altynsarin. The exposition hall displays subject and documentary exhibitions "I. Altynsarin - teacher-educator", "Creative laboratory of the people's writer of the Republic of Kazakhstan M. Khakimzhanova.
For these expositions, survey and thematic excursions with options for adult visitors, for younger, middle and senior schoolchildren have been developed. The thematic excursions tell about Muslim education, childhood, education of the educator, the school system worked out by I. Altynsarin, his pedagogical, literary and social activities.
The temporary exhibition "In the hospitable yurt" allowed to develop a series of lectures on the culture, life, economy and traditions of the Kazakh people There are also sightseeing tours. The exhibition provides an opportunity for more detail and colorfully speaks about each exhibit.
So, on its basis, new themes have appeared: "Kazakh national ornaments", "Household items of the Kazakh people", "Kazakh national yurt," Jewelry "," Customs and traditions of the Kazakh people. Exhibition the full-time project "The Roads We Choose" reflects the history of the formation and formation of colleges, universities in the region, the educational process and leisure of students of these educational institutions.
These orientation exhibitions-reflections are of great interest among graduating classes, being a certain help in choosing a profession. Poetic meetings of poets and akyns of Kostanay region with students are introduced to the world of poetry, beauty and wisdom.
Famous poets, members of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan A. Shayakhmet, Zh.Bayazit, S. Ospanov, N. Mukatov hold master classes for novice poets and students in the poetic drawing room "Shashu" Every year in October, the regional committee of physical culture and sports, together with the museum, holds an athletics run dedicated to the memory of Ibrai Altynsarin.
In the kaleidoscope of interactive activities, the event “Games of our childhood ”, where they get acquainted with the rules and play “asyki arkan tartu” and other national games, and the most dynamic is the relay race “In the country of health”.
Address museum of Ibrai Altynsarin: Kostanay, st. Altynsarin, 118-A. Tel .: (7142) 53 03 64: Fax: 53 19 97

Kostanay Regional Memorial Museum "Ibray Altynsarin".