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Narym ridge. Kazakh Altai.

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“Here you are not flat, here the climate is different -
Avalanches come one by one
And here behind the rockfall the rockfall roars.
And you can collapse, go around the cliff,
But we choose the hard way
Dangerous as a military trail"

Vladimir Vysotsky. "Vertex".

Children's tourism in mountains of Kazakhstan Altai.

Narym Range (Kaz. Narym Zhotasy) - a mountain range in the south of Altai, located on the territory of the East Kazakhstan region of Kazakhstan. The Narym ridge is much lower than the nearby ranges. Individual peaks in its eastern part rise above 2,000 meters above sea level, but the height of the ridge to the west decreases and near the Irtysh valley does not exceed 800 -1000 meters above sea level. The Narma Range serves as a watershed between the Narym and Kurchum rivers.
The length of the Narym ridge is 120 kilometers. The maximum height is 2533 meters above sea level, located in the east of the ridge. The ridge is composed of Paleozoic sandstones, conglomerates, schists, and tuffs, which are interrupted by granite intrusions.
Birch-aspen forests grow on the steep northern slope to an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, larch forests grow higher, fir-fir-cedar forests grow in the valleys. The southern slope is covered with fescue-feather grass steppes, shrubs and meadow steppes.
Above 1800 meters above sea level, subalpine woodlands and alpine meadows prevail. At an altitude of 600 to 1,500 meters above sea level - feather-grass fescue and meadow steppes. On the high ridges of ridges and valleys are subalpine and alpine meadows.
The presence of flat and weakly dissected forms of the Narym ridge, separating or crowning more sharply dissected forms, is a characteristic feature of the relief of the ridges of the Altai system. The slightly wavy surface of such spaces abruptly passes into steep slopes to river valleys.
A similar relief forms the top surface of the Narym ridge with average heights of 2000 - 2500 meters above sea level, and in the eastern part - the Sarymsakty Mountains, reaching a height of up to 4000 - 4400 meters and with small glaciers.
The watershed part of the Narym ridge is formed by alignment surfaces (a special type of leveled surfaces). These are strongly wavy spaces with a well-formed erosion network, cut into 200–300 m relative to the water sections.
In some places, by the nature of the dismemberment, this type of relief approaches low mountains with soft forms. Flat and slightly wavy spaces are found here only in separate sections in the area of ​​watersheds crowning alpine forms.
The slopes are covered with a layer of cartilaginous-gravelly eluvial-deluvial loams, the thickness of which increases towards the lower parts of the slopes. In the southwestern part of the Narymsky ridge, in some parts of the leveling surface, they acquire the character of a highly smoothed small hills.
From the north, west and south, the leveled surface of the watersheds of the Narymsky ridge is almost continuous. The river network is highly developed, the largest of which is the Irtysh River, in the narrow opening of which the Bukhtarma reservoir was created.
Other major rivers are the Kurchum River and the Narym River. The remaining rivers are small up to 20 m wide and 1 meter deep. Rivers and the reservoir freeze in November, open in April. The thickness of ice in March is up to 0.9 - 1 m.
The spring flood on the rivers is long (April - June), accompanied by a rise in the water level by 4 meters. The climate of the region is continental. Winter (November - March) is cold, with little snow; clear weather prevails (20 - 25 sunny days per month).
Frosts are steady. Daytime air temperature is 12... -15 ° С, nighttime temperature is 20 -23 ° С (minimum -46 ° С). Snow cover is formed in November, its thickness in March is 21 cm. During the winter there are snowstorms (2 - 3 days a month). In severe frosts there are fogs (2 - 4 days a month).
Spring (April - May) is cool and cloudy in the first half of the season, warm and clear in the second; Thunderstorms are common at the end of the season. The air temperature during the day in April is 12 ° С (at night there are frosts up to -4 ° С), in May during the daytime up to 20 ° С.
Snow cover is melting in early April. Summer (June - August) is hot and dry. Daytime air temperature 25 - 27 ° C (maximum 40 ° C), at night it drops to 12 - 15 ° C. Mostly heavy rains, thunderstorms occur 6 - 7 times a month.
Autumn (September - October) is warm and clear in the first half of the season, cool and cloudy with drizzling rains in the second half, snow falls at the end of the season.

Mountains of the Narym ridge.Mountains of the Narym ridge.Mountains of the Narym ridge.Mountains of the Narym ridge.Mountains of the Narym ridge.Mountains of the Narym ridge.Mountains of the Narym ridge.Mountains of the Narym ridge.Mountains of the Narym ridge.Mountains of the Narym ridge.

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Alexander Petrov.