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Palvan-Kari Minaret in Khiva.

Places of interest Dishan-Kala.

"With people, do not you share your secret,
After all, you do not know which of them is sneaky.
What do you yourself do with God's creature
The same expect yourself and from people "

Omar Khayyam.

Short trip to Khiva.

The minaret of Palvan-Kari is located in the eastern part of Dishan-Qala, in a street running from the Palvan-darvaza gates by the complex of Seyid-biy, which includes a mosque, minaret and a two-storeyd madrasah.  
This is a rare type of straight cylindrical minaret, differing from traditional Khorezm minarets, whose diameter normally diminishes with height. The minaret of Palvan-Kari dates to the late XIXth - early XXth centuries.
Its trunk is decorated with belts of figured brickwork, with ornamental inserts of green glazed "bows". The construction is of interest first of all for it strikingly differs from traditional type of Khivan minarets significantly narrowed to the top.
Minaret Palvan-Qari is a rare type of absolutely straight and cylindrical minaret. Probably new trends, as it was built in the late XIX and early XX century. It is noteworthy that the decor of the minaret is also unusual. Such modesty in finishing isn't characteristic for oriental architecture.
All its decoration is the belts of figured brickwork ornamented with green glazed tiles in the form of "ribbons".