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Peak Aktau Zailiyskiy Ala-Tau.

Travel route on Northern Tien-Shan.

“Sweetness shudders through the land
as if, freed from the heat,
nature’d scooped spring waters in her hand
and splashed her burning feet”

Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev. “Summer evening”.

Distance route in Kazakhstan.

The peak Aktau 4754 meters above sea level, the peak in Zailiyskiy Alatau. The northern and eastern mountainsides are covered with ice. In the northern mountainside – Kroshka glacier, on the eastern mountainside – Korzhenevsky glacier. 
Peak of Aktau it is located in the Main ridge of Zailiysky Ala Tau, to the south of peak Southeast Talgar, to the north of the pass Surovyi. The glacier was ascented in 1938 by the alpinist group by the leading of Plotnikov E.

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