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Trip to Zhasylkol lake on Dzungarskiy Ala-Tau.

Tour to sights of Dzhungarskiy Ala-Tau.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” 

Marcel Proust.

The short description of a route of a trip on jeeps to Dzungarsliy Ala-Tau:

Almaty - town Kapchagai - railway station Saryozek - town of Taldykorgan - settlement Sarkand - settlement Pokatilovka - lake Zhasylkol of 1640 meters above sea level - Almaty.

Distance of the route: 462 km.
Season: from May, 1st till September, 30th.
The Best time for excursion: July - August.
The advanced order: for 48 hours.
Duration of the tour: 3 days, 2 nights.

The detailed program of automobile and foot walk to lake Zhasylkol in Dzungarsliy Ala-Tau:

Travel across Dzhungarskiy Ala-Tau.

Day 1. Transfer: Almaty - an apiary Pshenichnyi (462 km).
After settlement Topolevka, before the river Aganakty visiting picturesque, damming lake. We move the river Aganakty on the bridge and further our way on northern slope Dzungarskiy Ala-Tau to an apiary. Arrival on an apiary Pshenichnyi. Accommodation in tents. Walk in vicinities. Overnight in tents.
Day 2. The hiking: an apiary - river Aganakty - an apiary of the Two - lake Zhasylkol (9 km, 3, 5 hours).
Almost seven kilometers our way lay along the river Aganakty, we pass the next apiary, before rise on an ancient moraine before lake - rest. From a moraine remains three kilometers of a way up to lake. Walk in vicinities of lake, visiting of a source from lake of the river Aganakty. Rest. Returning to an apiary Pshenichnyi. Overnight in tents.
Day 3. Transfer: an apiary Pshenichnyi - Almaty (462 km). 
Arrival in Almaty.

Lake Zhasylkol.Lake Zhasylkol.Lake Zhasylkol.Lake Zhasylkol.Lake Zhasylkol.Lake Zhasylkol.Lake Zhasylkol.

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