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Borkoldoy ridge.

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“Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever”

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Trekking Along Tien-Shan.

Borkoldoy (kyrg. Borkoldoy-Too) - the ridge in the Central Tien-Shan, in a southeast part of Kyrgyzstan. Extent of the ridge makes about 100 kilometers. Average height - 4300 meters above sea level, the maximum mark (in the western part) - 5049 meters above sea level.
On a northern slope there is a considerable freezing. The ridge is put by crystal slates marble and granites. On slopes semidesertic  vegetation, above - rocks and a talus  with the rarefied kserofitny vegetation prevails.
It is located to the North from the Western Kokshaal-Too and to the East from the ridge Dzhany-Dzher. The ridge Borkoldoy has the width pro-deleting. From the North it is limited to the valley of the Naryn River, from the South - the river Chong-Uzengikuush.
The ridge an abrupt wall rises over the bed of the river Chong-Uzengikuush. The narrow side valleys cutting the southern slope differ in extremely abrupt falling, the rivers often wash away the right and left board of the valley to rocky maternal breeds.
Upper courses of this valley are cut through to the crest of the ridge and have character of trailing trough valleys. To different regions of the ridge access is provided in the different directions.
So to northern, east and southeast slopes and gorges of the ridge the entrance is possible from outside the gorge Barskoon and through the settlement of Karasay. To the southern slopes and in an internal part of the ridge access is possible only from the city of Naryn, through the settlement of Akmuz and further to the valley of the river Myudryum.
The area is developed insufficiently, from a huge number of not conquered peaks. Ascensions are made on about 20 tops. More than hundred tops are higher than 4000 meters and 8 higher than 5000 meters expect the first climbing.
Both to the area, and it is possible to reach the locations of base camps only on cars of the increased passability. The entrance from Bishkek takes 2 - 4 days. The area is deserted, it is possible to meet only a few hunting farms and settlements of shepherds.
Access to the territory of hunting farms can be closed therefore it is better to contact the management of hunting grounds in advance and to request possibilities of stay in their territory. The area is in a zone of border control and for access to it it is necessary to make out the admission.
The first European, visited in these parts and made the first climbing the mountain Kzyl-Ompol was the Hungarian scientist and the traveler Gustav Prinze. In 1995 in this area Otto Chkhetiani traveled.
Vegetation extremely poor that is connected with dryness of climate. There is practically no wood vegetation, in valleys of the ridge Borkoldoy low prickly bushes meet. The Aksay syrta are the real desert - rare scraps of the dried grass alternate sites of mountain takyr.
The fauna is quite rich - groundhogs, hares, small rodents, foxes, mountain goats rams, wolves, snow leopards, bears.

Borkoldoy ridge in mountains of Kyrgyzstan.Borkoldoy ridge in mountains of Kyrgyzstan.Borkoldoy ridge in mountains of Kyrgyzstan.Borkoldoy ridge in mountains of Kyrgyzstan.Borkoldoy ridge in mountains of Kyrgyzstan.


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