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Monument to Shakshak Zhanibek.

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“Contentment is the eternal enemy of movement.
Soul to strive for heights.
Gives rise to satiety - satisfaction,
But only by movement can one accomplish feats!"

Ella Wilcox.

Monuments in Kostanai.

On September 14, 2017, a monument to the batyr, the first tarhan Shakshak Zhanibek was opened in the city of Kostanay. The equestrian sculptural monument to the batyr is installed on the transport ring of the regional city, at the main intersection of Karbysheva and Uralskaya streets.
The monument is an integral composition with a total height, from the level of the square, is almost 15 meters. This is a three-stage podium with a grand staircase, a pedestal with a 6-meter equestrian sculpture. The sculpture is imbued with the spirit of the great commander.
Equestrian sculpture reveals the image of Tarkhan Shakshak Zhanibek, a commander, an active participant in the historical "Anirakay battle" who defeated the Zhungar troops, a diplomat, a statesman with the appropriate attributes - a saber, a shield and a scroll of the State Diploma in his right hand.
The shield depicts the image of a magic tiger as the patron saint of the batyr and gives a special solemnity. The fluttering cape and the rounded curls of the saddle almost touch the horse's mane. The pedestal has a strict classical architectural form, made at the base of polished granite blocks.
The monument to the rider and the horse is cast in bronze, the pedestal is made of granite, the entire equestrian sculptural monument was made in the Almaty region. The author of the sculpture is Kadyrzhan Kakimov.
The monument was built at the expense of the «Zhanibek-Tarkhan» charitable foundation.