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Sarysu river.

Nature of Kazakhstan.

"The truth is in wine, and health in water"

Pliny the Elder.

Travels in nature of Kazakhstan.

The Sarysu River flows through the territories of the Karaganda, Kyzylorda and Turkestan regions of Kazakhstan. The river originates from the Kazakh Upland, formed by the confluence of the Zhaksy-Sarysu, Narbak, Shotan rivers.
At the junction of the rivers there is the Polivnoe reservoir. The length of Sarysu - varies depending on the flood from 800 to 761 kilometers. The basin area is up to 81,600 square kilometers. Earlier, according to archaeological excavations, the Sarysu, Irgiz, Turgai and Chu rivers had a common flow into the Syr Darya basin.
With increasing climate aridity and tectonic uplift of the crust, the vast basin of the Aral Sea fell apart into several separate systems. At the same time, due to tectonic phenomena, the Uzboy stopped flowing into the Caspian Sea and headed north to the Aral Sea in the form of the Amu Darya River.


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.